A Copy Maker

I started blogging like 3 or 4 years ago. I was inspired by a blogger’s book that became my favorite book back then. I think i knew i like to write (whether if it’s good or not). I mean, there were so many thoughts i would pour into a writing, and hopefully i could inspire people. Like me, inspired by those bloggers. But the goodwill just flew away. Writing has never been easy to do, at least for me. I onced got an IQ test, it also said that my ability to focus on a task is weak. I did this test 2 times, at a different-long time. And the second’s results still the same. I admit that i am soo easy to get distracted by what surrounds me.
So any blog i made became nothing, just trashing and adding kuota to web-environment. I kept doing that. The number of my unfinished blog increase. Whenever i commited to start a new blog (to replace the old one because i forget the password,or just bored) and write daily thoughts, i somehow always found a way to end it quickly. 
The last time i blog was several months ago. I have a tumblr, i posted photos of my friend, activity, and good images. It goes along with my first time job. Then i rarely posted again, i busy playing with instagram and path, or now i tweet more. Well i realized to write every day for the sake of keeping this skill alive. Moreover, it’s like a homework for me. My job is creative writing, and what else better to make a good writing than exercise?
So, good night, folks!


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