Tummy’s Pet

Here I am. Sitting face to face to the computer’s screen. Thinking nothing but ‘what should I write?’. Instead of facebook-ing or twitter-ing, I decided to write, I hope it will light a bulb in my head then I can continue to write. Though until now I really have no idea what to write. What the best words that will sell the products I reviewed. It’s only a year since the first time I did my writing. I wrote about bra. Epic start. But I kinda like it very much. I was satisfied with my  work, and the layout made by my partner (she went to the same college as me!). And she drew some picture to replace real-girl photos. Her hand is maybe a wizard in disguise.

But, this is weird. Whenever I got a light bulb shine in my head, I stopped my work. I’m feeling a butterfly flying in my tummy. I then thinking about what’s good in my ideas, I picture the finished layout, the contents, and how it will be in reader’s mind. Oh I LIKE it. I know what to write. I know what source best to get the information. I do really understand what to do. But, like I said before, my tummy’s getting weird. The more I know that my work goes good, the more these butterflies flying inside my tummy.

I’ve always been like that. Sometimes, I draw people (in manga version of course), if it’s bad I would cross it out without a doubt. And if it’s good, I would stop and smile, and these words speaking in my head “oh, how pretty is my draw!”. I always take time to finish my work. This is not good. It’s enough for me to get distracted by everything around me, should I distracted to my own thoughts? Insane.

Well, I really must start doing my writing, before these butterflies disturb me. Because the deadline is coming.


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