Style Capturer

As I’ve told you before, a blogger inspired me to write. Tho I may not be as witty as them, but they’re tickling my brain to do so. So I read, I write, I enjoy many things, I learn to think from different point of view. I learn to be mature.

There’s also a blogger that introduced me into a really cool view. She’s a fashion blogger. I am trying to not mention her name, but I feel like my self is pushing me to not doing that. So I was in college, still wore the most comfort t-shirt (don’t mind how many times I wore it-and I am still doing that), had only converse, yet trying to be stylish. Since I found this blogger (I really DO promo-minded, huh?), I always visit her blog every time I surf the internet. I admire her short hair, her total look, her style that effortlessly chic. Time flies, and I didn’t have much time to blog walking -I prefer Facebook and Twitter back then, fool. Then I start working, and I remember someone that her blog was my most visited one. But I tried soooo hard to found her. Omg how could I forget her name?

But a months before..drum roll… I finally found her, yay!! Her blog is still, but the layout changed, the contents changed. That’s why I almost not recognized that it’s the same people as I knew before. I also found her twitter, but again I almost not recognized her too. She’s now living in Korea, so she tweet a lot about Korean things. Which I couldn’t believe that a fab girl like her would do that. After a moment getting my self used to it, I scroll and scroll her blog, like I did before. I STILL admire her.

Now she has a long hair, and still post fashion stuff. I think she doesn’t post many of her photos -like before. But her style remains the same, effortlessly stunning. She didn’t do anything to her hair, like dyed it or make it ombre, or cut it like some famous people. She lets her hair long black, and loose. She’s not wearing any epic wardrobe, you know, some fashion stuff that somehow not like wearable stuffs. She just wear black trouser, black flat shoe, and maybe grey sweater, yet she still looks so fab. At other time, she only wear red trouser and black perplum top, but she just looks so wow. Plus, she just posed naturally smile to camera. No need gawk face. Plus again, she can make one stuff looks good in many style.

I talk too much. I must take a deep breath. I got a new inspiring people. I feel oh-so-excited.




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