Stazione Hop

Stazione stands for station. Why do I suddenly mention it? (Please tell me you wanna know).

So, yesterday I wrote some tips for couple to escape from their daily routine. Go to cinema, eat at fancy restaurant, take a trip to the nearest city… boring. Because I feel it too. Until I realized that this mother-city is pretty boring. Yes, I am not someone who go to club or enjoy night party. Never did I do that. My dad would kill me.

Then we (by we I mean me and him) try to do a anything but go to cinema. We are supermarket lover. Lotte Mart, Carrefour, Ranch & Farm Market, or Kemchick are the best escape for us. We love to strolling around and found any rare products. Or we go to department store and try on some clothes (and the spg made a note for it but we just leave it on pocket, we pay nothing). Another one is surely go to book store, we spend a loot of time there, and sometime each of us recommend the books we like.

Talking about ‘dating with boyfriend’ (I hate using ‘boyfriend’ word), we also did some kind of date when we were in Rome. It was almost the last the day, we decided to do some date -just the two of us. We walked form our B&B near Stazione San Pietro, through Vatican, and walked again around metro Ottaviano. It actually not far. We wanna go further. Saw the nearest metro, then we went down and wait until the train come. We had no destination but just hoping to EACH station to the biggest one, Roma Termini. But at least I had a purpose to find Sephora. Really, it’s pitiful for me to not going there. And I somehow sure, the biggest station should have one.

Our route is Ottavio – Lepanto – Flaminio – Spagna – Barberini – Repubblica – Roma Termini. We dropped to each of them, took a photo, strolling around and took another train. It’s already night, and we’re already tired after a long day picnic to Villa Borghese. That way, we were not going out from the station. But it was still so fun.

The best thing was we enjoyed the trip itself. Saw the train passed us by, the people went home from their long day, people met, the smell of station, knew that there’s 2 line in Roma metro -the one is built well, while other one looks like in a Bronx, and finally shop at Sephora. And we met a wacky woman in Sephora, she said something strange and keep yelling to us. We tried on some perfume and he picked me a lipstick. After a moment admired the night in Roma Termini, we went back to our B&B.

We took a lot of photos, yet the best memory card is still there inside our head and heart.


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