All By My Self

The title sounds cheesy, the song is too melodramatic. Nevermind, I don’t care if it’s cheesy, too much or something. Because I do really need my mom and dad right now. Or my brothers, my bf, my girls. I am sick, I mean had an ill. It’s been there in my body since about a week a go. I got a flu, the sneeze was maybe a disturb to anyone around me. Please don’t get mad, cos I suffered too. *cry.

It started a week ago after my parents went back to our home in Semarang. By the way now I am living Jakarta’s crowd. And it was in connection with my bf’s departure to Spain. Plus, it was Monday. Guess how I really wanna leave the office immediately. Since then flu came to me. My body immune was drop so low. I got a fever. I sneeze a lot. My eyes were red and watery. My throat wasn’t at the best condition to swallow. I got stomachache, it’s sooo smarting, sometimes swollen. But it didn’t hurt more than the fact that I was (and still) alone.

I only met my girls when we ate steak to celebrate a birthday party. Then they were stay at my dorm. But, either unfortunately or not, I wasn’t feel any ill at that time. And I kept feeling worse when they weren’t here.

So I guess the factor was called “so lonely and bored that I suffered too much”. I feel alone. I walked alone, I walked then ate alone, I went to office alone, I bought something alone. Blame my spoilt behaviour. Well… who wants to sick with nobody around anyway?


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